Carcharius Necklace

Cleopatras Bling

The shell that dangles in the centre of dark stones is alight with the power and brilliance of precious metal. This necklace is named for the Roman word for shark, the creatures who roam freely amongst the flora and fauna of the reef. Since ancient times sharks have symbolised cleverness, discernment and quick decision-making. Sharks are said to aid one in being attuned to emotions, and to open one up to the meanings of dreams and visions. Sharks are also protectors; in one case from the 16th Century, a group of Italian sailors whose boat was leaking, saw the hole plugged by the nose of a sawfish shark who swam with the boat all the way to the shore. It was considered to be a miracle, and a rostrum of the shark is kept in a sanctuary in Naples in its honour. Made from Afghani lapis lazuli.

18k gold plated 


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